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Shine in green on April 27, 2018 and express your support for the idea of greening and oxygenating the city. Highlight the building in green and show that you are with us! We want the green Polish record as many places as possible in Poland to shine green: city buildings, (town halls, offices), stadiums, shopping centers, museums, theaters, operas, etc. How to do it?

  • On April 27, 2018 highlight the selected place in green
  • Upload a photo of a highlighted building or a short video from the backlight to the address zielonyrekord@dotlenieni.org or in a private message on Facebook Oxygenated
  • Share a photo or video on Facebook with a brief information about the Green Recorder #zielonyrekordpolski

You can also dress up for the day on green, change the profile photo on the social networking site or the look of your page so that it has as much green color as possible.

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