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ekoedukacjaBecome a sponsor of green education of children from kindergartens and primary schools

  • Contact us to collect a group or class you would like to fund the plant with pot
  • We provide children with plants, pots, soil and appropriate tools to plant their own plants 
  • Each of the supplied flower pots will be correlated with the logo of the company that founded the plants 
  • Children will learn how to plant plants and look after them until the plant reaches its „maturity”. 
  • Choose a destination where plants should eventually find their way: to your office, to the outside of your company, stay in kindergarten or should be donated for yet another purpose. 
  • Together we will set all the details and answer your questions. 
I invite you to contact me!
Maciej Michałek
Partnership Relationship Management
e-mail: m.michalek@fundacjarozwoj.org
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