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For companies, it is not only the opportunity to take care of the environment and the space in which they operate. This is a nearing to the local community as well as care for employees – joint planting shrubs at schools or hospitals is a great way to integrate and motivate. Foundation of bushes with their planting is a gesture that has a real impact on the environment. CSR in this case is not an empty slogan! 

How to do it?  

  • Here you can choose the area you want to green with us. You can choose plants for public institutions (schools, kindergartens, hospitals, orphanages, etc.) or for urban areas. The choice is yours. Decide also if employees of your company as part of volunteering will take an active part in planting plants, or if you want to be just a plant sponsor and planting will carry out the institutions on their own.
  • Choose how much and what plants you want to fund. You will immediately know the cost and description of the bushes to choose from. You can also use additional options. 
  • Highlight if you are interested in planting on the day of the Green Record of Poland or if you have a different date. 
  • In each situation, we can individually adjust the planting action to your needs. To arrange details together, please contact us.
I invite you to contact me!
Maciej Michałek
Partnership Relationship Management
e-mail: m.michalek@fundacjarozwoj.org
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