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Let’s give a breath to the city!

What do we gain oxygenising cities?

For each of us… high quality air and potted plants in the office increase productivity by 10-20% and by 12% fix the number of mistakes we make. The green environment has a positive effect on well-being, has a calming effect, and also stimulates to action. That is why it is so important what we breathe every day!


For companies… it is not only the opportunity to take care of the environment and working space. It is also the care of employees, common planting bushes nearby schools and hospitals are perfect way for their integration and motivation. Sponsorship for this idea is a gesture that has a real impact on the environment. CSR in this case is not an empty slogan!


For institutions… green space and a more beautiful environment with better air quality. With planting kindergartens, hospitals, orphanages and other facilities may become whole new areas, uniting people in high-minded goal. We do something for ourselves, doing something for others!

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